3-Day Behavior Workshop

We’re excited to offer three full days of intensive training about canine behavior and welfare. During this workshop, you’ll learn about conditioning from a board-certified behavior analyst and animal behaviorist that received masters and doctoral training in behavior analysis. You’ll learn about the complexities of enrichment and welfare from canine scientists that carry out research on exactly these types of questions. Join us for this unique opportunity of instruction & hands-on training that will help you better the lives of dogs.


Morning Lecture: Foundational concepts: introduction to behavioral principles, classical conditioning, 4 quadrants & extinction

Afternoon Lecture: Measuring and assessing behavior, behavioral definitions, & strategies and techniques for assessing behavior

Afternoon Hands-On Activity: Exploring a variety of techniques on how to measure behavior in the kennel


Morning Lecture: Identifying and minimizing aversives, side effects of different training techniques, non-punishment techniques for changing behavior, & assessing reinforcer efficacy and ways to make reinforcement more effective

Afternoon Lecture: Life in the animal shelter: potential stressors & measuring welfare; enrichment interventions: interactions, object, auditory, and olfaction, & response independent and dependent interventions for kennel presentations

Afternoon Hands-On Activity: Identifying unwanted, in-kennel behaviors: how to measure, develop, and test an intervention


Morning Lecture: How we think about behavior: summary labels and explanatory fictions, breaking down behavior into behavior-environment relationships, & how the environment affects behavior

Afternoon Lecture: Assessing behavior in the shelter: acknowledging what assessments can do and their limitations, the difficulty of predicting future behavior, & dissecting current research

Afternoon Hands-On Activity: Behavior assessments: different instruments, same dog, comparing/contrasting observations and recommendations & how we can use assessments for better welfare

Tuition for the 3-Day Behavior Workshop

Early Bird: $225, Regular: $300